Past Events


  • 7th February - Don’t let Oral Medicine give you an Ulcer! Taking Away the Stress with Contemporary Refreshers by Dr Samy Francis

  • 25th July - In Defense of Stress by Dr Melissa Harrison

  • 16th October - Good Craic by Dr Arna-Lee Jensen


  • 11th October - Don’t let Oral Medicine give you an Ulcer! Taking Away the Stress with Contemporary Refreshers by Dr Amanda Phoon-Nguyen

  • 9th August - I don't need to refer this.....anticoagulants, bisphosphonates and other surprises by Dr Sophie Mougos

  • 24th May - Tongue tied or tongue tired! Does frenotomy really help babies nurse and learn to talk properly? by Dr Tim Johnston

  • 1st March - What to expect when your expecting (water fluoridation) by Dr Mario Couto Ferrari 


  • 19th October - Surgical Orthodontics by Dr Andrew Cayley

  • 4th August - Clinical Gems from the Class of 2000 by Dr Arna-Lee Jensen, Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Dr Fleur Creeper, Dr Poh Hun Loh, Dr Siva Vasudavan, and Dr Nathan Vujcich

  • 25th May - What happens between referral and review? by Dr Peter Ricciardo

  • 2nd February - Obstructive sleep apnoea - The Devil's in the detail by Dr Christopher Pantin


  • 5th August - Physiotherapy management of temporomandibular joint disorders by Mr Mark Oliver

  • 26th May - Back pain, neck pain and headaches: Protecting your spine by Dr Stephen Lee

  • 10th March - Minimal Invasive Dentistry for GP's by Dr Andrew Brostek



  • 19th February - A Melting Pot of Really Useful Clinical Hints by Dr Rod Jennings

  • 26th May - Laser Assisted Periodontitis/Peri Implantitis Treatment - Surgery or Sorcery by Dr Wendy Gill

  • 19th February - The Inverse Care Law: A Permanent Conundrum in Dental Public Health by Dr Estie Kruger



  • 18th September - Advanced restorative dentistry – a problem for the elderly? An ethical dilemma by Dr Christopher Murray

  • 17th July - Dental Volunteer Work by Mr David Booth and Dr Andrew Heap

  • 30th May - Medically Compromised Patients by Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Dr Jacinta Vu and Dr Alissa Jacobs

  • 20th February - Nervous and Immature: has anything changed? An update on pulpally-involved immature permanent teeth by Dr Justin Wong