South West Women's Refuge

The South West Dental Convocation has been in the fortunate position to have accumulated a surplus of funds over the past number of years.  As a not-for-profit group, the Convocation only requires a small amount of funds to support our ongoing expenses.  This meant a large amount of money was available for donation.


The committee was pleased to use some of this surplus toward subsidising all four events of 2018.  However, a large amount of surplus remained and after considering options, the committee decided the best use of the remaining funds was for the promotion of oral health in the South West.

As a result, the committee was very excited to donate $10,000 to the South West Women's Refuge in December 2019.  The donation was made with the proviso that it was to be used for the sole purpose of dental treatment for their clients.

An update in April 2019 will be provided to show how the donation was used and we will pass along that information to our members!


Below is the thank you letter from the CEO, Michelle Bickers, South West Women's Refuge.

SWWR Dontation Thankyou Letter.JPG